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Hi, I’m A’Sian Starr Dotson-Carter, but must people call me, Starr. I am a woman of God, a wife and mother, author, spiritual teacher/blogger, journal lover, and podcast host and creator. My journey into God’s Divine Greatness and Purpose in my life has been a rocky road full of disappointments, setbacks, and failures. Here is my brief story.

From the age of 18 until I was 33, I battled with depression and anxiety. I have experience great lost in my family with my mother, grandmother, and aunt all with God. These ladies were the three women that taught me about life, but the conditions they were exposed to limited their teaching to the knowledge and resources they had. I grew up around lack and limiting beliefs for most of my life and that same belief system trickled over into my adulthood. 

 In 2010, God had placed it on my heart to be a minister and I remember in 2007 at my grandmother’s funeral a man telling me that one day I would stand on stages talking to millions. Being 29 I didn’t believe it because I was still partying and having fun with my friends every chance I got. I had long since gave up on my dreams of being in the music industry as a writer, singer, pianist, and violinist, and settled for a job working in plant until I got laid off and went back to school and got my degree in business and accounting. A job at credit union came opened in 2007, and I remained in that field until the summer of 2018, six days before I turned 40. 

But let me back it up. I always believed in divine direction. So when God placed the idea to write a novel in my mind in June 2013, at my job, I didn’t know where that came from, and I did not understand where to start. With no instructions of how to write a manual script, I wrote the first six chapters of a story titled, In Due Time, but it sat on my computer hard drive unfinished and it still is today. English and writing was never my forte in school, I was always into math in school, but God wouldn’t let the dream fade even though I tried to block it out of my mind.

 During the same year in December 2013, God awaken from sleeping with another story he revealed in a dream. This time I didn’t question it and wrote the new story just as he had given it. By March in 2015, a month after my divorce, I went on to self-published my first novel titled, Forgive Their Sins: A Journey to the Truth Series, Book 1, a young adult paranormal novel.  I published it through my company, Writeitgurl Publications. And by December of the same year, I released the second book, but due to health issues, I wasn’t able to get it out into the world the way God wanted me too. 

But now in 2018, I am ready to fulfill my calling to write novels, and my first project is to re-write, the Forgive Their Sins series.  I scheduled it to come out in the fall. I am also writing a women’s fiction book titled, A Long Road Home. that will also come out this fall. 

When God gives you dream it doesn’t matter how long you take to accomplish it, you must trust in him and yourself that you can make it come true. I had to learn that God doesn’t give us dreams he can’t make come true. So whatever God has placed in your heart, go for it!

God’s calling for me to the ministry is something in my future goals, because I love to help people become more spiritual conscious in connecting with your true higher-self. My first step in fulfilling this calling is by creating a 7 Day Self-Discovery Journal: A Guide to Your Success. I feel that a spiritual connection with God will help unlock your God given purpose, to move towards a life of prosperity and abundance. This guide will help you identify the areas in your life that may have caused you to get off track with your own goals and dreams. It happens! But we most dust the ashes off and go after what God has ordained in our heart. 

I want my family of visitors of this site to grow with me, and as a gift, you can now download the Free 7 Day Self-Discovery Journal eBook by scrolling down to the next section of this home page or look for the pop-up box. As my tagline says, I want you to win, therefore; we win together. 

Email me at [email protected] so we can get started on your life transformation today!